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Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 20 to 50
Item Level Range 1 to 4
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The town of Angolwen is home to a clandestine group of mages who preserve the secrets of "true" magic, which has become anathema in the societies of Maj'Eyal since the Spellblaze. The town is located inside the western mountains, and is accessible only through a hidden portal south of the Maze (or by an even more secret spell, only taught to Archmages who have studied there) (Humans, Elves (except Doomelves), Halflings, and Ogres)

Access to the town is granted to the player upon completing the Apprentice Task quest.

Angolwen has the following shops:

The town has a scaling level range of 20 to 50. Before going to the Far East, it has a material level range of 1 to 3; after returning from the Far East, the range is 3 to 4. Store inventories are generated for level 20 at character creation, level 35 after The Master, and level 45 after the Charred Scar.

The jeweler in Angolwen is the only one in the west who can infuse a plain ring with a gem.

Angolwen is also the home of Linaniil, who can send the player to Tempest Peak after Derth's siege has been defeated.