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Antimagic is way of life, espoused by the Ziguranth, and adopted by many citizens of the lands of Maj'Eyal. Practitioners of Antimagic take a vow never to use "unnatural" magic of any kind. In exchange for this vow, they gain access to special Antimagic talents.

Choosing whether to become a Zigur follower is an important choice most non-arcane classes must choose.

Note: Undead are unnatural creatures, and may not choose to pursue Antimagic.

How it Works

In addition to the vow, a small test is required of potential Antimagicians, before the secrets will be revealed. The test takes the form of a trial by combat -- the character is placed into the town's arena, and must face several randomly chosen magical opponents, ending with a (non-random) orc corruptor. Characters may not engage in this trial until reaching level 10. Realistically, the orc corruptor is considerably stronger than a level 10 character, so waiting even longer is advised.


Being Antimagic has several effects:


The biggest draw for becoming anti-magic is unlocking the Antimagic talents. However, to get the most of this tree, you should have a high Willpower and be prepared to spend a fair amount of generic points.

Characters who possess the secret of Antimagic may also learn (or improve their knowledge of) the Fungus talents by defeating Urkis on Tempest Peak, and then returning to Protector Myssil in Zigur.


Adopting antimagic prevents you from using many items and talents, completely locking out runes, and also denying you the use of arcane-powered items, limiting your equipment selection.


The choice of becoming anti-magic can be a tough decision for some. It is important to consider:

  • Do you have enough generic points to spend?
  • Can you do without arcane-powered items?
  • Is your willpower high enough to make it worth it?