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Choosing whether to become a Zigur-Follower is an important choice most non-arcane classes must choose.


Being anti-magic has several effects:

  • You may not use runes
  • You may not wield/wear any arcane-powered items
  • You may not use any talents that are classified as spells (the description says "is: Spell")
  • You will gain increased effects from [[items#powered|anti-magic powered] items
  • You may not complete An_apprentice_task (TODO: Details? What happens if you complete it before anti-magic quest? what if you start it, then do anti-magic?)
  • You may ask Zigur for help for the Storming_city quest
  • You unlock the Wild-gift/Antimagic talent tree and gain one level in Antimagic Shield


The biggest draw for becoming anti-magic is unlocking the Anti-magic category, however, to get the most of this tree, you should have a high Willpower and be prepared to spend a fair amount of generic points.


Adopting antimagic limits you from many items, completely locking out runes, and also denying you the use of arcane-powered items, limiting your equipment selection.


The choice of becoming anti-magic can be a tough decision for some. It is important to consider:

  • If you have enough generic points to spend
  • If you can do without arcane-powered items
  • If your willpower is high enough to make it worth it