Aporia Fold Lys

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The Aporia Fold Lys

Aporia Fold Lys is a quest that is sent out by the server on April Fools' Day (April 1st). Anne Buryset instructs the player to find the titular plant in the Old Forest within 40 real-time minutes, before it is eaten.

The remaining time is visible in the quest log. The timer continues even while not playing the game.

The Aporia Fold Lys is found on floor 3 of the Old Forest, on a random tile. Contrary to what the in-game text may suggest, the plant does not need to be retrieved within the time limit, but the player must enter Old Forest floor 3 within the time limit.

Upon collecting the plant (by moving onto its tile), the player will complete the quest, and receive the achievement April's Fool!. A reward chest will also appear on the same tile. It can be opened (by moving onto the tile again), and it contains an useless but awesome rock and another message from Anne Buryset. The chest will disappear after being opened.