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The following may be out of date.


A general shell for any race or element of Archmage should be similar to the above build, but without the expenditure in Fire or Wildfire, reprinted here as follows:

Spell/Arcane: 1/1/1/4

Disruption Shield, while tedious, provides an incredible amount of shielding with correct use and allows Archmage to survive sudden unexpected damage without your other shields up.

Spell/Earth: 1/1/1/4

Stone Wall allows you to isolate yourself, a problem enemy, or to block off sight or passages.

Spell/Meta: 3/1/5/4

Disperse Magic allows you to get rid of powerful and annoying sustains on opponents; Quicken Spells lowers the CD on your important utility spells; Metaflow allows you to just reset their cooldowns, all very strong.

Spell/Temporal: 1/5/1/5

The category that should probably be your first unlock. Time Shield is an instant, high strength, long duration shield; Time Prison allows you to wait out unexpected explosions from your Disruption Shield and save escorts; Essence of Time is global speed, though it's best saved for near the end of the game when the very high sustain is more manageable.

Technique / Combat Training: 0/1/0/0

Spell/Conveyance: 4/4/0/0

Level 4 is both when Phase Door and Teleport allow you to choose where you want to land

Spell/Divination: 4/3/1/0

Arcane eye and Vision allow you to know what's coming and Keen senses allows you to see invisible and stealthed enemies and gives you more crit chance.

Spell/Aegis: 4/5/2/4

Is your bread and butter way to survive - Arcane Reconstruction + Arcane Shield gives you large shields, Shielding makes your shields stronger, and aegis buffs already strong shields into unbreakable ones.