Augment despair (talent)

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Augment despair
Augment Despair.png
Game Version 1.6.4
Category Type Demented
Category Scourge drake
Requirements Lvl (8,9,10,11,12) Mag (28,30,32,34,36)
Use Mode Activated
Cost -20 Insanity
Range 7
Cooldown 12
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description You target a single creature with all your hatred and insanity, augmenting its despair, increasing the duration of detrimental effects by 1–5cTS turns and dealing [15]120cTSpD or [15]120cTMD blight damage per detrimental effect (each effect deals 75%% of the previous one).

The damage will scale with the highest of your spell or mind power.