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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
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After returning from the Far East, players may find new or 'corrupted' bosses in many zones throughout the West.

Zone Level Guardian Guardian Level Artifact(s) Dropped
Trollmire 2 Aluin 35+ Sanguine Shield (35% chance)
Kor'Pul 3 Kor's Fury 35+ Vox (25% chance)
Reknor 4 Lithfengel 35+ Runed Athame, Resonating Diamond
Scintillating Caves 3 Spellblaze Simulacrum 35+ Crystal Heart (25% chance)
Deep Bellow 3 The Abomination 35+ Warped Boots (25% chance)
The Maze 2 Nimisil 40+ Lunar Shield (25% chance)
Dreadfell 1 Pale Drake 40+ Runed Skull (25% chance)
Daikara 4 Massok 43+ Dragon Skull (25% chance)
Sandworm Lair 1 Corrupted Sand Wyrm 45+ Putrescent Potion, Atamathon's Ruby Eye
Old Forest 3 Snaproot 50+ Petrified Wood (25% chance)