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Guardian Borius, Avatar of Bearness
Floors 3
Level Range 12 to 35
Item Level Range 1 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

The Bearscape is a zone that is sometimes spawned by developer DarkGod for users who are currently online, or a player can pay to spawn it for all online players. It is a forest as you might expect, full of bears. It has 3 levels.

The zone is inhabited by all manner of bears, including a very high amount of rare bears, which very frequently drop tier 5, red items. (Enemies have a 1-in-3 chance to be rares, overriding the usual rare chance for the difficulty setting, although rares will still not appear on Easier difficulty. Note that 1-in-3 is the standard rare chance for Insane and Madness difficulties, so this zone has no more rares than other zones on those difficulties.) Being you can access this area at fairly low level, it's a great source for very strong loot at that stage of the game if you're lucky enough to be online with an appropriate level character when it's activated.

The boss is Borius, Avatar of Bearness, a massive bear. He drops one of two powerful artifacts at random: the Essence of Bearness, which when equipped and activated grants 25% resist all for 5 turns, or the Phial of the Ultimate Bearness, which can be quaffed in order to learn the talent Rain of Bears. Killing Borius grants the achievement Can you bear it? So much bearness!

The zone has no exit originally; it appears after beating the boss. Note that the zone can only be entered once - the portal will remain on the map, but be inactive.

Zone Specific Artifacts


The zone's name is a parody of the Fearscape. It was originally created as a forum joke thread, before being implemented as a bonus feature.