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== Maj'Eyal Boss Guide ==
== Maj'Eyal Boss Guide ==

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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

Maj'Eyal Boss Guide

This guide covers basic tips for facing the bosses in the first half of the game, up until you retrieve the Staff of Absorption.

Prox the Mighty (Trollmire)

He doesn't do much except Knockback, which actually helps you because he has no ranged attacks or healing, so you can use the breathing space to take time to heal or wait for cooldowns.

Bill (Trollmire 'hidden' boss)

Much nastier than Prox but still manageable. He has Rush in addition to Knockback, which makes his Knockback much worse, since Rush will daze you. Pull him back into the corridor in order not to get surrounded by his flunkies, and don't be afraid to hightail it out of there if you find the fight is not going your way.

Shade of Kor'Pul (Kor'Pul)

Opens the fight with a couple of nasty ranged nukes, including Freeze. You may want a physical wild infusion for this fight. However, Freeze has a long cooldown, so if you survive the initial barrage, he becomes much more manageable. A nice trick for melee characters is to simply dig through the wall that he's hiding behind, reducing the starting distance to 2 tiles instead of 8 or however many it is normally.

Norgos (Norgos' Lair)

Can stun and may have sun or poison infusion. A physical wild infusion might not help with the stun if you've already been blinded/illuminated/poisoned, so make sure not to be stunned while under other effects.

Withering Thing (Heart of Gloom)

Accompanied by shadows, which teleport and have non-negligible damage, and the boss himself has a variation of Rush called Blindside, which will instantly close the distance. Depending on the class and the terrain, it may be more effective to kill off the shadows first, but usually you'll want to focus fire on the boss. If the boss dies, the shadows will die too, but if the shadows die, the boss can always summon more.

Spellblaze Crystal (Scintillating Caverns)

Basically just an amalgam of the crystals you've run into on the way down. The same strategy can be used on the boss.

Rhaloren Inquisitor (Rhaloren Camp)

Has ranged spells like the Shade, but the starting distance is much closer so it's less scary. On the other hand, the Inquisitor is not totally incompetent in melee.

Ben Cruthdar (Lumberjack Village)

Has a gloom aura which can lead to short-term stun and confusion, and can instantly close into melee range and pin you there, but otherwise he's just a normal melee guy.

Sandworm Queen (Sandworm Lair)

Opens the fight with a hard hitting sand breath that also blinds you for a long time. It might even hit you before you see the Queen herself, so you might think that you're just fighting a sand-drake at first. Getting caught in a tunnel while blinded can be bad, and she doesn't really have other physical effects, so a physical wild infusion is very useful here. She also summons a bunch of sandworms to help her, but as you have seen if you've made it this far, they are all quite weak. Still, getting surrounded can get nasty, so make sure you have some way of hitting multiple enemies.

Minotaur of the Labyrinth (Maze)

Like other minotaurs, this one has Warshout, a nasty confuse. Mental wild infusion is highly recommended. He also has stun and pin, but with all of his other physical status effects, a physical wild infusion won't help much. Luckily, he has no way of quickly closing the distance, so ranged characters can just pick him off from a distance (given that they have a way to deal with the confusion). Melee characters should have enough melee defenses at this point (defense, armor, or both) or they can just use their own stun first.

Wrathroot (Old Forest)

Not only does he have Freeze like every other spellcasting boss, he also has Ice Storm which has a chance of freezing you each turn. Because of the repeated freezing, a physical wild won't be too useful except against the initial Freeze. Besides the freezing, he's quite harmless.

Rantha the Worm (Daikara)

Has high armor and does cold damage whenever you hit her in melee. This can make Flurry a bad idea, if you're a rogue. She's also stun immune, so you can't just cheese her with stun like most other bosses. Other than that, she's basically just Wrathroot again.

Urkis (Tempest Peak)

Uses various lighting spells to deal damage, so lighting resistance is very helpful. His spells can daze and every daze causes nasty chain-reaction, so high stun resistance and/or at least one physical and spell infusions are required. Surprisingly vulnerable to stun himself. His powerful thunderstorm spell will hit you non-stop as long, as you are near him, so you may want to retreat for healing mid-fight (or just disable his sustains / drain his mana if you can).

Chronolith Twin and Chronolith Clone (Temporal Rift)

They do temporal damage and generally are easy, except their ability to quickly run away (going into water in process), leaving countless clones behind. Do not pay attention to clones and concentrate on closing distance on the one of bosses, using movement infusion / rush/ teleport / whatever you have. Water breathing may be helpful obviously.

Weirdling Beast (Sher'Tul Fortress)

Found beneath Lake Nur. The most dangerous boss you'll run into until Dreadfell, the Weirdling Beast has a myriad of tools at his disposal, but is most commonly noted for his extreme healing ability. He can heal up to full health in a matter of a few turns, and does so with alarming frequency. If you don't have very good offenses at this point, he might actually be impossible to kill without a way to negate his healing (such as Insidious Poison). The floor he's on is no teleport, and it's an extremely small level anyway, so the only way to escape him is to go back up the stairs, which is recommended even though doing so heals him back to full. The first thing you should do is to get rid of his Bone Shield by just hitting him until it goes away, then go back up the stairs. When you come back down, the Bone Shield will be gone and the fight will be much more favorable to you. He's vulnerable to stun, but has a physical wild infusion. On his end, he can stun you, pin you, freeze you, disable your sustains, and his gloom aura can even confuse you as well. His one weakness is that he has lower max health than most bosses, so a quick burst of damage might kill him before he can heal or do anything else. Definitely treat this encounter with caution, and never leave the stairs, so that you can reset the fight on demand should the need arise.

Greater Mummy Lord (Ancient Elven Ruins)

Hits hard with ranged nukes, which is augmented by his invisibility (reduces total amount of damage he deals). Unfortunately, his invisibility also makes him hard to notice without some sources of seeing invisible and huge vision radius.

Grand Corruptor (Mark of the Spellblaze)

He has a significant amount of health, as well as high damage spells. He also will use fearscape, which may be a significant problem for melee classes. Make sure you clear the area around him first, as the other high-DPS spell casters can make this fight unwinnable if they attack at the same time.

The Master (Dreadfell)

Generally opens with a freeze, followed by several high DPS spells and summoning undead. He can use invisibility, shields and phase door if you start damaging him significantly, and of course will resurrect once (although dying after he resurrects will not reset Hidden Resources, so you only have to kill him once, then.)

Status curing effects of some kind (either class specific or infusions) will be required, as he and his minions deal too much damage to simply wait it out. He doesn't tend to heal much while out of combat, so simply teleporting away to heal should work to a limited extent (although it gives him time to refresh his freeze attack.)