Brotherhood of Alchemists

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Various alchemists around Maj'Eyal are competing to gain entry into the great Brotherhood of Alchemists, and are offering powerful rewards to any adventurer who assists them in their quest.

Speaking to any of the four alchemists found in Maj'Eyal will allow the player to open the quest and choose an elixir to gather ingredients for. It is possible to have one quest open from each of the four alchemists simultaneously.

Each potion requires the player to gather three ingredients (monster parts), which may be found by killing a monster of the appropriate type. Monsters always drop their ingredient if they have one. Roaming adventurers also have a chance (which was 30% before the ingredients update) to drop an ingredient upon death. If they do, they drop an ingredient randomly selected from the entire list of possible ingredients. (There are 36, as of build b41.)

Upon turning in the requested ingredients, the player receives the corresponding elixir, which must then be (u)sed to reap its benefits. Each time the player helps one alchemist complete an elixir, another alchemist completes one of his or her elixirs as well (chosen at random). Depending on which elixirs the player completes and which are randomly selected to be completed by other alchemists, it is possible to complete between three and five elixirs with a single character before one of the four alchemists finishes their third elixir, and the quest ends.

Note that the elixir chosen to have been completed without your aid is entirely random: even if you are currently searching for ingredients for a given alchemist (say, Marus of Elvara), and Marus is chosen by the RNG to complete an elixir without you, the elixir completed may or may not be the one you are currently working on. Thus there is nothing to be lost by checking in with all the alchemists for ingredient lists at the beginning of the game (except, perhaps, the risk of accidentally running into an overleveled patrol while wandering the world map.)

If the player helps an alchemist complete their 3rd elixir, they will be deemed to have made a decisive contribution to that alchemist's induction to the Brotherhood, and will thus receive an extra final reward.

Todo: At the very least, it would be nice to know what areas the hermit spawns in (I've seen him in five locations: north of the Sandworm den, down one river in mid-Maj'Eyal, in a clearance north of Shatur (Thaloren town), east of Daikira and east of the Last Hope fields), what each elixir does, and how the quest progresses as you get more elixirs (not sure myself, having not completed it yet.)

All the stats are added to your adjusted stat. Ie. it doesn't raise your maximum too.


Elixir of Invulnerability

A vial of thick fluid, metallic and reflective. It's incredibly heavy. Infused by nature. 2.00 Encumbrance

The Elixir of Invulnerability may be used once to activate a million-point damage shield lasting five turns. It uses the EFF_DAMAGE_SHIELD effect, which should be extended by talents like Timeless.

Lifebinding Emerald

A lopsided, heavy emerald with murky green clouds shifting sluggishly under the surface. Infused by nature. 0.00 Encumbrance

The Lifebinding Emerald is a green gem that may be worn (by mindslayers and golems only, currently) or used to imbue an object for the following benefits:

  • Changes stats: +15 Con
  • Changes resistances: +10% blight
  • Damage Affinity (Heal): +15% Nature
  • Stun/Freeze Immunity: +30% (only if imbued)
  • Life Regen: +2.00
  • Healing mod: +30%

This is a tier 5 gem, and as such can only be imbued onto a voratun ring.

Taint of Telepathy

Strip the protective barriers from your mind, allowing in the thoughts of all creatures, but reducing mental resistance.

powered by arcane forces (no anti-magic)

Cooldown: 15 Use time: 1 turn

The Taint of Telepathy is an inscription that improves the player's mindpower by 35 and lowers their mental save by 10 for 10 turns. In addition, the player is given a Track effect for 5 turns, allowing them to detect all creatures in a radius of 10.

Taint of Purging

Corrupted taints may be inscribed onto your body, granting you an on-demand ability.

Cooldown: 20 Use time: Spell

Description: Activate the taint to purge your body of physical afflictions for 5 turns. Each turn the purge will attempt to cleanse 1 physical debuff from you, and if one is removed, increase its duration by 1.

Infusion of Wild Growth

Thick vines to spring from the ground and entangle your foes, pinning them in place and dealing damage over time.

Cooldown: 15

The Infusion of Wild Growth is an inscription that grants the player the ability to pin all targets within a radius of five to the ground for five turns. In addition, these targets are dealt a modest amount of physical and nature damage each turn. This damage scales with the player's mindpower.

Alchemy Ingredients

This is the start of a List of all the Alchemy Ingredients for the various Recipes. From what I have found so far each ingredient has a fixed zone and possibly a random zone. Each fixed zone will be shown bold. All ingredients can also be found on adventurer parties. The Sher'tul fortress Farportal and the Occult Egress, although dangerous, can spawn zones with hard-to-find ingredients as well.