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Cloak Egos

Name Power source Greater Rarity Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Ability 5
Thick Technique false 6 Increases cold resistance by (10-30)% Increases armor by (5-13)
Of Eldoral Technique false 6 Increases dexterity and cunning by (1-4)
Of the Shaloren Arcane false 6 Increases magic and willpower by (1-4)
Of Iron Throne Technique false 6 Increases strength and constitution by (1-4)
Of stability Technique false 7 Increases physical save by (5-15)
Of protection Arcane false 7 Increases spell save by (5-15)
Of clarity Psionic false 7 Increases mental save by (5-15)
Of resilience Nature false 7 Increases maximum life by (30-60)
Enveloping Technique false 5 Increases defense by (5-15)
Lightening Technique false 10 Decreases fatigue by (2-7)
Of fog Nature true 18 Increases fire and light resistance by (10-25)% Increases defense by (4-10) Increases stealth by (5-15)
Shadow Technique true 18 Increases darkness damage by (5-25)% Penetrates darkness resistance by (5-20)% Increases stealth by (5-25)
Of implacability Nature true 16 Increases physical and mental save by (5-15)
Regal Psionic true 15 Increases willpower by (2-4) Increases mental save by (5-15)
Restorative Nature true 18 Increases healing factor by (10-30)% Increases life regeneration by (0.5-1.5) Increases nature and blight resistance by (5-10)%
Wyrmwaxed Nature true 18 Increases acid, lightning, fire and cold resistance by (5-10)%
Battlemaster's Technique true 40 Increases strength, dexterity and constitution by (1-6) Increases spell save by (10-30) Increases stamina regeneration by (0.3-1.5) Decreases mana regeneration by (0.1-0.6) Increases Combat Training talent mastery by (0.2-0.4)
Of sorcery Arcane true 16 Increases magic and willpower by (2-4) Increases spell critical chance by (3-6)%
Of mindcraft Psionic true 16 Increases willpower and cunning by (2-4) Increases mental critical chance by (3-6)%
Spellcowled Arcane true 15 Increases magic and willpower by (1-6) Increases spell save by (5-15) Increases maximum mana by (40-80)
Marshal's Technique true 30 Increases strength and constitution by (1-6) Increases physical save by (5-15) Increases maximum life by (40-110)
Murderer's Technique true 20 Increases dexterity and cunning by (1-6) Increases accuracy and armor penetration by (3-10)
Of the guardian Technique true 35 Increases mental, physical and spell save by (5-15) Increases armor by (3-10) Increases defense by (5-15)
Of conjuring Arcane true 35 Increases maximum mana by (20-100) Increases spellpower by (3-10) Increases spell critical chance by (3-6)%
Of warlust Technique true 15 Increases physical critical chance by (1-5)% Increases physical power by (1-5)
Of the hunt Technique true 30 Increases maximum life by (40-110) Decreases fatigue by (4-10) Activates for talent Blinding Speed (cooldown 45)
Of backstabbing Technique true 35 Increases critical multiplier by (10-40)% Increases accuracy, armor penetration and stealth by (5-15)