Cloth of Dreams

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Cloth of Dreams
Un-ID'ed name
Type Cloak
Power source Psionic
Requirement None
Rarity Level range Cost Tier
Combat statistics
Base Power Uses Stat Damage Type APR Critical Armor Defense Fatigue
Damage On Hit Changes Damage Damage Conversion Damage When Wearer Hit
Movement Speed Maximum Encumbrance Maximum Life Healing Mod
Changes Resistances Changes Resistances Penetration
+15% Mind
Changes Immunities
Changes Stats +6 Cunning, +5 Willpower
Abilities +0.10 Psionic/Dreaming and Psionic/Slumber, +10 Physical save, +10 Spell save, +10 Mental save, +6 Mindpower.

The wearer is asleep. Lucid Dreamer: This item allows the wearer to act while sleeping. Use to activate talent Slumber(costing 9 power out of 25)

Description Touching this cloak of otherworldly fabric makes you feel both drowsy yet completely aware.