Creeping darkness (talent)

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Creeping Darkness
Creeping darkness.png
Game Version -
Category Type Cursed
Category Darkness
Requirements Level (0,1,2,3,4) Willpower (12,14,16,18,20)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 8 Hate
Range 5
Cooldown 20
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed -
Description Creeping dark slowly spreads from 2–6cTS:log spots in a radius of 3 around the targeted location. The dark deals [0]60cTMD damage, and blocks the sight of any who do not possess Dark Vision or some other magical means of seeing.

The damage will increase with your Mindpower.

You do extra damage to anything that has entered your creeping dark. The bonus damage is 5–40%cS as (Total Raw Talent Points in Darkness) varies from 1–20.