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The following may be out of date


Last updated for version 1.0.0

Empowered by pure hatred, the Cursed are mental warriors who excel at chasing, pinning, and exterminating powerful enemies while rampaging through weaker foes.

  • This class plays like a traditional hack-and-slash (similar to the Berserker), but with a much more difficult early game. Acquiring an early shield and one-handed weapon may improve your survivability while you build up your Gloom and armor.
  • You start with a two-handed axe, but none of your abilities require any particular load-out. You can use a shield or dual wield as effectively as you can swing a two-hander. Top tier abilities give bonuses for various weaponry options, but even then, the weapon specific bonuses are mild, and you shouldn't consider yourself locked into any particular weapon.
  • Dominate is a powerful "anti-boss" tool, particularly against enemies with high resistances and/or healing potential (i.e. the Weirdling Beast). Consider adding additional points into this ability after unlocking your other core utilities.
  • Although Gloom and Stalk are technically sustainable, you can always leave them on and--except in rare cases--suffer no side-effects. They can be toggled instantly, so consider setting them to autocast in case your sustains are dispelled and you don't notice right away.
  • Most of the Cursed's talents are passives. You can usually just run around and hit things, while your aura of Gloom debuffs your foes.
  • At mid/high levels, the Rampage tree becomes key. This gives you an occasional huge set of buffs, for tough fights.
  • You get the best monster detection in the game (always-on passive full ESP, with a radius determined by your points in Preternatural Senses).
  • Blindside will teleport you to a monster in radius, even if it's on the other side of a wall. Also great for escaping from a collapsing sand tunnel....
  • Reckless Charge causes you to hit monsters adjacent to the path that you tell it to follow. Counter-intuitively, you generally want to aim alongside monsters, not directly into them, when using this talent. It can also be used to escape from a dangerous situation.
  • You get passive stun and confusion resistance (up to ~ +50%) from Relentless-- the most effective passive resistance for any class.
  • With most of your talents driven by Willpower, antimagic is also a good choice. Beware that you're going to be short on generic talent points, with so many great skills demanding them.
  • When you pick up a weapon, you are sometimes given the opportunity to release your rage, unlocking the Cursed Aura tree. Doing so can make the early game slightly more difficult, but opens up the potential for powerful beneficial effects later in the game.
  • Many Cursed talents scale with hate. These scale linearly. There is further scaling for hate levels above 100. Wielding cursed weapons gives a bonus to your hate for purposes of these abilities.