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Varsha the Writhing
Floors 4
Level Range 7 to 16
Item Level Range 1 to 2
(after back from Far East) 3 to 5
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Daikara (or "the Daikara") is a second-tier zone in the far northeastern part of Maj'Eyal, just south of the long mountain chain, and quite some distance east of Shatur.

Among the second-tier zones, Daikara is by far the most dangerous, due to the types of monsters found here. Don't let the 7 to 16 level range fool you; there are packs of snow giants with confusion talents, thunderers with ranged lightning attacks, boulder throwers with ranged physical area-of-effect plus knockback, cold drakes with cold breath attacks, wall-eating monsters, and many others. Cold and lightning and stun resistance are all useful here; confusion resistance starts to become noticeably important as well. Knockback resistance helps against the boulder throwers.

The layout is best described as mountainous, with narrow tunnels leading to large, irregular open areas. The entrance of each level is on the southern edge; the exit, on the northern edge. The levels are fully lit.

Escort quests may be found here. As of beta 32, escort quests are no longer generated on level 3 due to the Temporal Rift entrance, which appears randomly on Daikara level 3.

The standard boss is Rantha the Worm, a cold drake with thematic talents (ice storm, ice claw, etc.), who appears randomly on level 4. This dungeon has an alternate layout (fire-based instead of cold-based), with the guardian Varsha the Writhing (a fire drake). After returning from the Far East, the backup guardian is Massok the Dragonslayer, an orc with berserker talents.

The random unique NPC Harkor'Zun may also appear here. This being begins as several "fragmented essences"; defeating these causes "the real Harkor'Zun" to be reconstituted. Before version 1.7, defeating Harkor'Zun was required to unlock the Stone spell talent tree.

Zone Specific Artifacts