Diary (the maze)

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part 1 of 2

Dear diary,

Lessons are off this week as my tutor has fallen ill, so I've decided to sneak out and have a wander round the old mazed ruins nearby. I know I'll get in trouble if I'm caught, but as long as I'm back in a couple of days no one will notice... Besides, I get so bored cooped up in those mountains! I want some fun!

This is rather a dirty place though. I've come across a few bandits and snakes in here, but nothing to threaten a grade 3 mage like me.

I remember hearing that this labyrinth used to be a prison used by the halfling king Roupar during the Age of Dusk, and that with the lawlessness of the time captives were simply sent here to rot. Some say a magical curse infected the place and turned them into bull-like monsters that patrol the halls to this day. How exciting!!

part 2 of 2

I'm having so much fun! Probability Travel is making this little trip a breeze. And you should have seen the look on that bandit's face when I came out one wall, disappeared through another, and came around behind him! Hee hee hee...

I still remember Archmage Tarelion's lecture about the spell - "Probability effects can be employed for ease of use, but beware thee of relying on them. With ease of use comes ease of mind and a weakening of one's will and concentration. Soon one will find oneself in a situation of risk, bereft of normal judgement of danger, and low on the mental resources to save onself. Heed thee well." Bah, what tosh!!! How dumb does he really think I am?!

Besides, I'm enjoying myself - I'm having an adventure!!

I saw something! I don't know what it was... but it was big and shadowy! But when I tried chasing it I got lost... Um, maybe I just imagined it? No, I'm sure it must be something cool and exciting, I just have to keep exploring!