Escape from Reknor

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Escape from Reknor
Boss Brotoq the Reaver
Floors 3
Level Range 1 to 7
Item Level Range 1 to 1
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Escape from Reknor is the starting zone for dwarves. It is connected directly to the Iron Council, and does not have an entrance from the world map.

The layout of the first two levels is similar to that of Reknor, but smaller (50x50 instead of 70x70). It consists of a maze of tunnels, 3 tiles wide, with pillars at the intersections; the levels are entirely dark. The third level has a static layout, with a corridor leading south to a medium-sized room.

The zone generates an ally for you: Norgan, a dwarf berserker. He becomes a party member, and will follow you unless told otherwise. Another unique feature of this zone is that you will be given enough experience points to reach level 2 when you take the stairs to the second level; and to reach level 3 when you take the stairs to the third level. (This eliminates the need to compete with Norgan for monster experience, since any experience you obtain will be irrelevant unless you surpass a level-up within a single dungeon level -- which is basically impossible since there are not enough monsters.)

The monsters here are rodents, molds, worms, and orcs.

The boss is Brotoq, an orc reaver, who appears on the third dungeon level. You will only be level 3 when facing this rather dangerous opponent, so even with Norgan's help, your survival is far from assured. Good luck.

If Norgan survives when you escape and reach Iron Council, you will earn the Squadmate achievement. Regardless of whether Norgan survives, he will disappear once you leave the zone.

Zone Specific Artifacts