Filio Flightfrond

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Filio Flightfrond
Undead skeleton filio flightfond.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Dreadfell 20+
A short, furtive-looking skeleton with padded feet.

He moves quickly and silently, and seems to meld into the shadows with ease.

In one hand he holds a sling, and the other a short dagger.

There is a cunning air to his hollow skull,

and his empty sockets reveal nothing of what tricks and tactics he has planned.

Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
20 20 10 10 40 10
Stat Progress
dex++ cun+
Shoot (1)
Sling Mastery (2-5)
Inertial Shot (0-5)

Trap Mastery (1-5)
Stealth (5-7)
Hide in Plain Sight (1-7)

Smoke Bomb (2-7)
Disengage (3-7)
Evasion (5-7)
Piercing Sight (3-7)

Dual Strike (2-7)
Dual Weapon Defense (5-7)
Lethality (1-5)
Willful Combat (5-6)

Dagger Mastery (2-5)
Combat Accuracy (2-5)

Bone Armour (3-5)
Resilient Bones (3-5)
Re-assemble (3-5)

Invisibility rune
  • Life: 898 +
  • 100% instakill, cut, blind, fear, poison immunity
  • Critical multiplier: +20%
  • Equips Hare-Skin Sling, a dagger, and a pouch of shot for his sling.

Can spawn in Dreadfell. Whenever he moves, he has a 10% chance to set a trap, which will randomly be either a Bear Trap or Catapult Trap. This does not break his stealth.


  • Hare-Skin Sling (100%)
  • 1 random high-quality item
  • His dagger and pouch of shot
  • Lore: a letter to Filio from the Master