Firebeam (talent)

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Game Version 1.7.4
Category Type Celestial
Category Sunlight
Requirements Level (8,9,10,11,12) Magic (28,30,32,34,36)
Use Mode Activated
Cost 30 Positive
Range 10
Cooldown 12
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Spell
Description Call forth the Sun to summon a fiery beam that pierces to the farthest enemy dealing 10 + [1]50cTSpD fire damage to all enemies hit.

This spell will automatically cast again at the start of your next two turns.

You will gain 2.75–4.94cTS positive energy each time firebeam or an instant damage proc caused by firebeam deals damage.

The damage done will increase with your Spellpower.

Note: this spell can only be cast if there is an enemy in range, so it can be used to scout for stealth/cloaked enemies