Forbidden Tome

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Forbidden Tomes are items added in the Forbidden Cults expansion. Forbidden Tomes can appear randomly as loot, except Forbidden Tome: "Home, Horrific Home".

They are books that, when read, transport the player to a special zone. For some of these books, the player is still controlling their usual player character, but for others, the book tells the story of a different character, who the player temporarily controls. If the player is controlling their usual player character, and they die inside, it is a real death (with the same possibilities for revival as any other death). Otherwise, if the story's protagonist dies, the usual player character is still alive outside the book, and they can read it again to restart the book's story from the beginning. Needs verification: Revival options after real death, restarting after fake death

Forbidden Tomes can initially be stored in the Items vault, but not after they are read for the first time (for that individual item).

List of Forbidden Tomes:

There is also an unfinished and unused (commented-out) tome, Forbidden Tome: "A Yaech's Dive".