Freezing trap

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Relle, Cornac Fighter and Expedition Leader

It knows we're here. Xann's gone, and I have to assume the worst. Too late to run. One option left, a contraption Sodelost ensured us he'd be able to use to get the kill... shame he didn't leave instructions behind with it, it's unclear how to arm it, and I don't want to add "being frozen solid" to my list of troubles today. I might not know a great deal about artifice, but I know how wild animals work, and for all the praise they get, dragons are no better. I don't need to know how to rig this device so it goes off when the beast steps on it - I just need to put it inside something it'll eat whole... Judging from this note's intact state and delicate placement next to a sack covered in assorted animal viscera, the dragon not only avoided setting off the trap, but has kept it as a trophy. Inside the sack is a disarmed trap featuring a few recognizable alchemical flasks, and a means of mixing them in the right proportion when a pressure plate is triggered to produce a blast of ice. Figuring out how to arm it is almost as easy as figuring out how to make more traps like it.