From below it devours (talent)

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From Below It Devours
From below it devours.png
Game Version 1.5.10
Category Type Race
Category Drem
Requirements Level (24,25,26,27,28)
Use Mode Activated
Cost -
Range 7.0
Cooldown 45–25cTL:5
Travel Speed Instantaneous
Use Speed Standard
Description Your affinity with things that dwell deep beneath the surface allows you to summon a hungering mouth.

The mouth has 70–1000cSS:Con*(1+(1–5gtl)/5) bonus life, lasts for 4+1–5gtl turns, and deals no damage.

Each turn the mouth will draw all creatures in radius 10 3 spaces towards itself and force them to target it.

Its bonus life depends on your Constitution stat and talent level. Many other stats will scale with level.

From Lua:

  • Resist all: min(50,self);
  • Armor: self