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Hate is the resource used by the Afflicted classes, the Cursed and the Doomed. Hate does not regenerate, and even decays over time. It is mainly recovered while fighting. Hate is affected by fatigue.

You can have up to 100 points of hate. Afflicted suffer from reduced healing while not at maximum hate -- by 50% at zero hate. Your Hate slowly decays (more quickly when the level is higher), down to a minimum of half your Hate at the end of the most recent combat. The strength of many abilities also depend on your level of hate.

Here's some ways hate is regained:

  • kill something: 8 points, more for higher rank -- 24 points for a boss
  • take a big hit (over 15% of your maximum life): 2 points + 2 points per 5% life lost above 15%
  • take a hit while at low health (under 25% of maximum life): 4 points
  • do massive damage (over 33% in one hit)

The Doomed Dark Sustenance tree has the talent Feed, which can be used to replenish hate. Various Cursed talents also give hate bonuses.