High Peak

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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
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High Peak
Guardian Argoniel and Elandar
Floors 10
Level Range 55 to 80
Item Level Range 5 to 5
Size 50x75
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

This is the final zone. Defeat the sorcerers Argoniel and Elandar to win the game, if you interrupted their ritual at the Charred Scar. Aeryn will show up to help you, if she's alive, and if you didn't let the Sunwall fall.

The zone is fully lit. There are four portals summoning demons/wyrms/etc. in the corners. You can walk onto the portal to seal it. You get the achievement "Tactical master" for winning without sealing any portals; however, the portals do not spawn that quickly and the critters are as likely to attack Aeryn as you, and are thus often not a large factor.

There are four small pillar walls in the cardinal directions which provide minimal hiding capability.

The entire zone may be teleported within. [Is this true?]

After you defeat the sorcerers, if you didn't interrupt the sorcerers' ritual in time, then either you or Aeryn will have to sacrifice yourself to close the portal. If you are a Yeek, then you will sacrifice yourself, using the power of the farportal to spread The Way to the entire world of Eyal.

Zone Specific Artifacts