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Homeland is the starting quest for Orc characters in the Embers of Rage campaign. The steam giants have dug a tunnel through the mountains into Kruk Pride, in order to invade and wipe out the Pride. The end of the tunnel is at the bottom of the map, where 4 steam giants have emerged. The player and the Orc defenders must defeat them. 4 extra Orc defenders will appear, as well as the Orcs who would normally appear in Kruk Pride.

The player character has taken a bomb, the Cave Detonator, from the stocks. The player must go into the tunnel, defeat Commander Fralor, set the Cave Detonator on the tunnel's weakpoint, and escape before the bomb goes off. The bomb will collapse the tunnel and save Kruk Pride from the Steam Giants for now.

It takes 220 turns before the bomb explodes. It's recommended to use the Rod of Recall (that Commander Fralor dropped) to escape in time, although the tunnel is only 200 tiles long, so the player could escape in time on foot. If the player is still in the tunnel when it collapses, they will die. The Rod of Recall will take the player back to Kruk Pride, instead of going to the world map like it usually does. After escaping, the tunnel entrance will be gone.

All of the steam giants encountered in this quest have a -65% damage penalty, except for Commander Fralor, who only has a -30% damage penalty.