Hunt for the legendary Plumpkin!

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This quest is part of the Plumpkin event, which is sent out by the server every 10 minutes around Halloween each year. When the event starts, text will appear on the screen saying "For a brief moment you can smell pumpkins and then it vanishes.. strange..". When the event is active, when you enter a zone, one Hallowed Ghost will spawn somewhere in the zone. When you first kill a Hallowed Ghost, the quest will begin.

In zones with multiple floors, one Hallowed Ghost can spawn on each floor. Hallowed Ghosts spawn at random coordinates, so they can spawn far away from the player, but they will target the player immediately and head towards them. Hallowed Ghosts are unique-ranked and have one random class each. Hallowed Ghosts can spawn in towns, but not in zones where the Rod of Recall cannot be used, or on the world map. Hallowed Ghosts will only spawn if the player is at least level 15.

For each Hallowed Ghost that you kill, you will receive a clue. Once you collect 4 clues, the Hallowed Ghosts will stop spawning, and the portal from the world map to the Hallowed Fields can be entered.

In the Hallowed Fields, the player must kill the Headless Horseman to complete the quest. They will receive the achievement Catch that Plumpkin! for doing so. Once the Headless Horseman is dead, the plump pumpkin can be collected by moving onto its tile. This gives the player the legendary Plumpkin artifact, and also spawns the exit portal on the same tile.