Iron council

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Iron Council
Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 196x80
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Iron Council is the capital of the Dwarven empire, hidden in the mountains in the northeast of Maj'Eyal. None but dwarves know the secret of its location.

There are no speaking NPCs in Iron Council (your fellow dwarves are taciturn by nature), but there are exits to Escape from Reknor and The Deep Bellow within the city (the former in the northeast, and the latter in the northwest). The exit to the world map is in the southwest.


The dwarven economy is internally fueled by transactions in the following stores:

  • Armoury (Heavy Armor, Massive Armor, Shields, and Headgear)
  • Tanner (Light Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Belts)
  • Tailor (Cloth Armor, Cloaks, and Belts)
  • Sword smith (Greatswords and Longswords)
  • Axe smith (Waraxes and Battleaxes)
  • Mace smith (Greatmauls and Maces)
  • Runemaster (Runes)
  • Delver's Delights (Lites and Pickaxes)
  • Jewelry (gems)

These stores are stocked and restocked as follows:

When Level Material range
Character birth 10 1-1
At level 10 20 1-2
At level 20 35 2-3
At level 30 45 3-4
At level 40 50 4-5
At level 50 60 4-5


Iron Council