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Items may be found on the ground, dropped by monsters, gained from quests, or bought from stores.

Types of Items

Items are divided into different types, that usually fits into specific slots of characters.

Most items are ranked into tiers.


Two-handed May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat for base damage (Avg. randomized damage): Accuracy Bonus
Battleaxes - - Strength 120% (150%) Strength 0.25% Critical Chance
Greatswords - - Strength 120% (156%) Strength 0.4% Critical Multiplier
Greatmauls - - Strength 120% (150%) Strength 0.2% Weapon Damage
Staffs - - Magic 80% (88%) Magic 2% Proc Damage! (1% for short staves)
Tridents - - Strength 120% (150%) Strength 0.2% Weapon Damage
One-handed May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat: Accuracy Bonus
Waraxes No - Strength 100% (120%) Strength 0.25% Critical Chance
Longswords No - Strength 100% (120%) Strength 0.4% Critical Multiplier
Maces No - Strength 100% (120%) Strength 0.2% Weapon Damage
Daggers Yes - Dexterity 50% Strength 50% Dexterity (57.5%/57.5%) 0.25% Critical Chance
Whips Yes - Dexterity 100% (105%) Dexterity (for most whips) 0.4% Critical Multiplier
Mindstars Yes (no offhand penalty) - Willpower 50% Willpower 30% Cunning (52.5%/31.5%) (increased by Psiblades) Accuracy determined by Willpower, not Dexterity. 0.25% Critical Chance
Steamsaws Yes - Strength 100% (125%) Strength 0.25% Critical Chance
Ranged May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat: Accuracy Bonus
Bows - Quivers Dexterity Use ammo stat Use ammo
Slings No Pouches Dexterity Use ammo stat Use ammo
Steamguns Yes (no offhand penalty) Pouches Dexterity Use ammo stat Use ammo
Ammo May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat: Accuracy Bonus
Quivers of arrows N/A N/A Dexterity 70% Dexterity 50% Strength (77%/55%) 0.25% Critical Chance
Pouches of shots N/A N/A Dexterity 70% Dexterity 50% Cunning (77%/55%) 0.2% Weapon Damage
Unarmed May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat: Accuracy Bonus
Unarmed N/A - N/A 100% (105%) Strength None
Gloves N/A - None 40% Dexterity 40% Strength 40% Cunning (42%/42%/42%) 0.25% Critical Chance
Gauntlets N/A - None 40% Dexterity 40% Strength 40% Cunning (48%/48%/48%) 0.2% Weapon Damage
Special May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat: Accuracy Bonus
Shields Offhand only (no offhand penalty) - Strength 100% (110%) Strength 2% Proc Damage!
Non-item Weapons May wield in offhand? Ammo Stat requirement Uses stat: Accuracy Bonus
Throwing Knives N/A - N/A 70% Dexterity 50% Strength (84%/60%) 0.5% APR
Dream Hammer N/A - N/A 120% (150%) Willpower Accuracy determined by Willpower, not Dexterity. No accuracy bonus.
Tentacle Hand N/A - N/A 100% (120%) Magic None

You can attack with melee weapons by trying to move into an enemy ("bump attacks"), or equivalently by using the Attack talent. By default, you do not attack with shields. Some talents will specifically attack with your shield, and the Stoneshield talent makes your bump attacks include attacking with your shields (as well as letting you wield shields in your main hand).

Melee weapons that are held in the offhand have a 50% damage penalty, except mindstars and shields. Some talents can increase the damage multiplier for offhand weapons above 50%. Ranged weapons have no offhand damage penalty.

Steamsaws function as a combination of normal weapons and shields. You can attack with them as normal, and they are suffer from the offhand penalty, but talents that attack with your shield will also attack with them Needs verification, you can Block with them, and they can get either weapon or shield egos.

You can attack with ranged weapons by using the Shoot talent. By default, characters cannot attack with ranged weapons in their offhands (i.e. a steamgun), but if they learn a talent from Gunner Training, Gunslinging, or Bullets Mastery, then it becomes possible.

The accuracy bonus is a bonus given if the attacker's Accuracy exceeds the target's Defense, per point of excess Accuracy. The maximum bonus is reached at 100 excess Accuracy.

There exist unique artifacts that break the rules laid out in the above table for how each type of weapon behaves. One particular kind is "double weapons". These weapons are all steamsaws and steamguns from Embers of Rage, and they are two-handed, unlike ordinary weapons of their types. These double weapons can function as both a mainhand and offhand weapon at the same time (attacking twice), as long as you have nothing in your offhand (relevant because it is possible for an Ogre to have a two-handed weapon in their mainhand and something in their offhand at the same time). Two-handed steamgun double weapons will fire their offhand shots even if the user doesn't have a talent that would let them shoot with an ordinary offhand steamgun.


Armour generally increases your survivability.

  • Body
  • Head
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Belt
  • Cloak

Body Armor comes in 4 categories, Robes, Light (leather), Heavy (chain), and Massive (plate)

  • Heavier armor comes with higher fatigue, increasing the stamina, mana, psi, hate, positive energy, and negative energy cost of skills, but not equilibrium, vim, paradox, steam, or insanity costs.
  • Heavy armor cannot be equipped without rank 1 Heavy Armour Training; massive armour cannot be equipped without rank 3. Heavy Armour Training also increases the benefits of heavy and massive armor, granting bigger bonuses for massive.
  • Mobile Defence, a Mobility talent, improves the effects of light armor.
  • Rogues and Shadowblades cannot use Stealth in heavy or massive armor.
  • Many Brawler skills cannot be used in massive armor.

Head, Hand, and Foot armours come in just 3 types, cloth, leather, and metal. Level 1 Heavy Armour Training is required to equip metal, but there is no other difference. Talents like Stealth that cannot be used with metal body armor CAN be used with metal boots, helms, and gauntlets.


  • Quiver
  • Tool
  • Lite
  • Rings
  • Amulet


Inscriptions are activated abilities available to all characters, which provide general purpose help for the character. They include healing, removal of bad status effects, shielding from damage, increased visibility in dark areas, increased movement speed, teleportation, and elemental damage attacks.

See the full Inscriptions page for more information.

Plot Items

Transmogrification Chest

The Transmogrification Chest is a plot/utility artifact.

Description: This chest is an extension of old Sher'tul places of power. Any items dropped inside are transported to an other place, processed and destroyed to extract energy. The byproduct of this effect is the creation of gold, which is useless to process, so it is sent back to you.

When you possess the chest all items you walk upon will automatically be put inside and transmogrified when you leave the level. Simply go to your inventory to move them out of the chest if you wish to keep them. Items in the chest will not encumber you.

The Transmogrification Chest can be first obtained by killing Bill the Stone Troll in the 4th level of the Trollmire, and then it is unlocked as a starting item for all future characters.

Once obtained, any new items are automatically placed into the chest, where they do not count toward current encumbrance. When changing a level (forced) or at any time, the chest may be invoked to destroy the items inside, and return gold; more powerful items produce more gold. Items inside the chest may also be transferred to regular inventory, where they will count against your encumbrance, but are also available for use.

Power Source

All items are crafted by someone, or something. A power source is the source of an item's power. In most cases, an item's power source does not impact gameplay, but there are some exceptions to this:

  • Being Anti-magic prevents you from equipping Arcane powered items.
  • Wearing arcane disrupting items will randomly cause any talent with the is a spell property to fail. This includes runes and sustained talents. The chance of failure is 10% per material level of the item. Items without a material level will be treated as if they were level 1.
  • The Solipsists' Psychometry grants bonus mindpower for nature, psionic, and arcane disrupting items
  • The Tinker's Innovation grants bonuses to master-crafted and steamtech items

There are 7 different power sources:

  • Powered by arcane forces - Associated with mages
  • Infused by nature - Natural forces, originating from the land itself
  • Infused by arcane disrupting forces - Items made by Anti-magic groups, like the Ziguranth
  • Crafted by a master: - Crafted by smiths and similar people through mundane techniques
  • Infused by psionic forces - Items infused with mental or emotional energy.
  • Powered by unknown forces - Mysterious or Otherworldly forces
  • Powered by steamtech - Steam powered! (introduced in Embers of Rage)

Item Color

There are 7 different item colors, based on rarity and egos.

  • white - base items with no ego modifiers
  • light green - one or two lesser ego modifiers
  • blue - one greater or one greater and one lesser ego modifier
  • violet - two greater ego modifiers
  • pink - multiple randomized bonuses, including effects not normally found on this item type or from this power source
  • orange - random artifacts
  • yellow - standard Artifacts


Item materials have no other function in game other than to indicate the item tier.

Tier Metal Leather Jewelry Wood Cloth Mindstars Tridents Lites Herbs
1 Iron Rough Leather Copper Elm Linen Mossy Coral Brass Viperweed
2 Steel Cured Leather Steel Ash Wool(len) Vined Blue-steel Sessali
3 Dwarven-steel Hardened Leather Gold Yew Cashmere Thorny Deep-steel Alchemist Bilberry
4 Stralite Reinforced Leather Stralite Elven-wood Silk Pulsing Orite Burdock
5 Voratun Drakeskin Leather Voratun Dragon-bone Elven-silk Living Orichalcum Dwarven Goldleaf

Tier is the first factor in determining an item's abilities. Higher tier weapons do more damage, and have higher stat requirements to equip. Higher tier armor gives higher Armour and Defense, and so on. There is also a full Item list for each tier of every base item.

Gems also have tiers; see their page for details.