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Part 1 of 5

Damn that Zemekkys! Damn his insane experiments!! Why in the blackest night did I ever agree to take part in them?!

Oh yeah, because I was broke. Bah...

I think I might have considered things differently had I known I'd be transported without my clothes though! Imagine my embarrassment turning up in a foreign land, with my... my unmentionables on display... Thankfully I managed to borrow a robe from a friendly farmer, and did some work for him to earn gold enough for a bit of food, a journal, and a rusty old sword. When I heard there were ruins filled with undead nearby I knew my calling had come! So here I am, mighty Sun Paladin Telthar, to prove my strength in these foreign lands of the west!

But all I've found so far is rats. I hate rats...

Part 2 of 5

Aha, I have found the accursed undead that plague this nefarious dungeon! The skeletal fool was thankfully no match for me! I suppose it helped that he had no arms...

I've found myself an old shield that in spite of a few dents seems serviceable enough. Some of these rats are BIG, and giving them a strong bash with the shield helps to stop their poisonous bites before I get my sword to their necks. I also found a few gems - I may have to hunt round for more. Not out of any personal greed of course, but my noble quest requires that I gather resources to defeat the great evils in this land and back home!

Diamonds are my favourite, so sparkly.

Part 3 of 5

This place is infested! I've found a lot of skeletons now, and unfortunately most of them have borne a full set of limbs. However, my holy quest cannot be denied! Plus I got a really great sword off one of the blighters, I can chop anything up easily now!

The skeletal mages have been a night-born nuisance, but I've found a new weapon to use against them - a phase door rune! As soon as I catch sight of one of the robed wretches I activate my rune and foom, I'm away!

It's not fleeing, it's just tactical repositioning...

Part 4 of 5

Kor'Pul, Kor'Pul... When the farmer told me what this place was called it reminded me of something, and I think it's coming back to me now. My mother used to tell me a story about our ancestors, how they fled by ship to escape the grasp of an evil sorcerer who dominated the lands. The sorcerer was a vile necromancer who took advantage of the destruction from the Spellblaze and the Cataclysm to create huge armies of undead. The people fought against him time and time again, but though he would be defeated he would still come back, sometimes after hundreds of years. And that sorcerer's name was.... Kor'Pul.

Probably just a coincidence.

Part 5 of 5

It's quiet down here. And dark... very dark. I suppose I should have brought a lantern. Our motto is to bring light into dark places, but I guess I should have thought about that in practical terms. I've cleared out pretty much all of this area, and there's not much left to explore beyond this last room.

This adventuring stuff is quite lonely, I must say. I guess keeping this journal helps a bit. I miss home a lot now. I miss... I miss Falia. Maybe I should have said something to her about how I feel... but I guess running away on an adventure seemed easier. Pah, how brave of me...

I'm not cut out for this paladin work. Here I am, alone in a horrible dark dungeon in an unknown land, without a single sound to keep me company beyond the scratchings of my own quill. Hmm, except for--