Krimbul Territory

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Krimbul Territory
Boss Nektosh the One-Horned
Floors 4
Level Range 15 to 22
Item Level Range 2 to 2
Size 50x50 (final level is 20x20)
Zone Effect none

Krimbul Territory, also known as the Mana Caves, is a zone in the Embers of Rage campaign. It is the home of the Krimbul Clan of Whitehooves (undead minotaurs). One of their elders, Nektosh the One-Horned, has gone mad with power, and is planning to lead his followers in an attack on Kruk Pride. Stopping him is the goal of the quest Clan of the Unicorn.

The first two level are room-and-corridor levels. Each room has a 70% chance of being lit. The enemies are Whitehooves, ghouls, and ghosts.

The third level is underwater. The rooms are unlit. Each floor tile has a 13% chance to be replaced with bubbles, and a 3% chance to be replaced with underwater luminous algae. The enemies are aquatic creatures and Whitehooves (with aquatic creatures being 3x as common as Whitehooves). The next level is reached by entering a breach into the hull of a crashed airship.

The fourth and final level is inside the crashed airship. It has a fixed layout. The entrance room is flooded. After passing through short corridors, the player reaches the boss room, containing Nektosh and one of his Whitehoof followers. (These are the only enemies in this level.)

There are several achievements involving Nektosh. Details about them can be found on his page.

Can contain AAAs.