Kroshkkur, the Hidden Sanctuary

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Kroshkkur, the Hidden Sanctuary
Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 60x60
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

This is the starting zone for Demented characters. The underground sanctuary is under threat by a giant worm, and the player is tasked with destroying the worm by taking a portal to The Maggot.

If the player opts to leave the sanctuary instead of entering the The Maggot, a timer with 999 turns will appear to remind the player of how long they can delay the quest before it fails.

The glyph sequence found in this zone can be used at the Occult Egress to access a dungeon that will lead to unlocking the Drem race.


Kroshkkur has the following stores, which are run by horror NPCs instead of terrain features:

  • That Which Teaches History (Lore)
  • The Sightless Acolyte (Weapons, except Staves)
  • The Crawler (Staves (3x chance) and Wands)
  • The One That Defends (Armor)
  • The Face of the Deep (Runes and Infusions)
  • The Conjointed (Lites and Pickaxes)

These stores are stocked and restocked as follows:

When Level Material range
Character birth 8 1-2
At level 10 25 1-2
At level 20 40 1-2
At level 30 Zone base level (1-15?) 1-2
At level 40 Zone base level (1-15?) 1-2
At level 50 Zone base level (1-15?) 1-2