Kruk Pride

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Kruk Pride
Boss Commander Fralor
Floors 2
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Kruk Pride town is the starting zone for Orcs in the Embers of Rage campaign. Other races can enter from the world map. It is located on the Clork Peninsula.

Orc characters will start here, with the Homeland quest. The steam giants have dug a tunnel through the mountains into Kruk Pride. The end of the tunnel is at the bottom of the map, where 4 steam giants have emerged. The player and the orc defenders must defeat them, then the player must go into the tunnel, defeat Commander Fralor, set a bomb to collapse the tunnel, and escape before the bomb goes off. When escaping, the tunnel entrance will be gone.

Unlike towns in the Age of Ascendancy campaign, the Kruk Pride is not hostile to undead characters.

Zone Specific Artifact

  • Yeti Mind Controller: has a 30% chance to drop from Commander Fralor in the tunnel. This item is required for unlocking the Yeti race.


Kruk Pride has the following stores:

  • Armoury (Heavy Armor, Massive Armor, Shields, and Headgear)
  • Tanner (Light Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Belts)
  • Forge (Steamsaws)
  • Smith (Steamguns and Pouches of Shot)
  • Herbalist (Infusions)
  • Tinkers Store (Schematics and Implants)
  • Library (Lore)

Additionally, AAAs found in other zones can be relocated to Kruk Pride.

These stores are restocked after the completion of the quests You Shall Pass!, The Deconstruction of Falling Stars, and Hunter, Quarry. They are stocked and restocked as follows:

When Level Material range for Armoury, Tanner, and Herbalist Material range for other stores
Character birth 8 Depends on player level 1-2
After 1 restock 18 Depends on player level 1-2
After 2 restocks 35 Depends on player level 1-2
After 3 restocks 50 Depends on player level 1-2