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Demon major kryl feijan.png
Game Version: 1.7.4
Location Level range
Dark Crypt 29+
This huge demon is covered in darkness. The ripped flesh of its "mother" still hangs from its sharp claws.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
15 10 14 16 10 42
Stat Progress
mag++ wil+ str++ dex+
Darkfire (4-7)
Flame of Urh'Rok (5-8)
Soul Rot (5-8)
Blood Boil (5-8)
Flame (5-8)
Burning Wake (5-8)
Wildfire (5-8)
Blood Grasp (5-8)
Darkness (3-6)
Evasion (5-8)
Virulent Disease (3-6)
Pacification Hex (5-8)
Burning Hex (5-8)
Blood Lock (5-8)

3 random inscriptions
Manasurge rune
  • Life: 2811 +
  • +20 Vim regen
  • 100% instant death, poison, blindness immunity
  • Armor 0, Defense 15
  • 50 Accuracy, 30 APR
  • Will open doors
  • Can move others out of the way
  • Levels up in Corruptor and Archmage

Kryl-Feijan is a demon who appears in the bottom floor of the Dark Crypt by being reborn through Melinda's body, if you fail to save her in time during the quest The Sect of Kryl-Feijan.

If Ashes of Urh'Rok is enabled, killing him, as well as Walrog and Shasshhiy'Kaish, is required to earn the achievement The Old Ones and unlock Doomelves.


  • 5 high quality items