Let's hunt some Orc

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This quest starts immediately at the end of the A mysterious staff quest. You are directed to go to the Dwarf city of Reknor, look under the city for Orcs, and find out the connection to the Staff of Absorption.

After finding Reknor - look toward the eastern mountains - there are four levels of dungeon filled with a variety of orcs, trolls, vampires, and dragons. On the fourth level you will encounter Golbug the Destroyer and a pack of orcs. Golbug has high fire cold, nature, mind and temporal resistances, as well as an armor of 76 and 90% armour hardiness. He hits for over 100 damage and has a 26% critical hit rate. Damage mitigation is strongly suggested.

Killing Golbug will grant the Destroyer's Bane achievement and end this quest. The quest The wild wild east immediately follows.