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Lore are the various pieces of information about the story, places, characters, and history of the world of May'Eyal.

Lore frequently appears as scroll-like items, and is most commonly found lying on the ground, inside stores, on the bodies of NPCs, or by touching signposts, murals, or statues. Some lore is also unlocked by completing quests, finding or equipping items, or using items at specific locations. Not all races and classes are able to access all areas containing lore, and some lore is only available to classes that know Trapping (category).

The Sher'Tul Fortress has a library of all lore you've unlocked, except for item descriptions, which must be unlocked each playthrough.

A spreadsheet of how to unlock lore is available here. Items marked in red have not yet been confirmed. (See the discussion page for more information.)

Number Title Location found Notes
1-3 Tattered Paper Scrap (Trollmire) Trollmire
4-8 Research Journal Scintillating Caves
9 Exploration Journal Scintillating Caves Kill boss, go to Far East, come back and kill second boss
10-14 Journal Page Ruins of Kor'Pul
15-16 Diary (the maze) The Maze
17 the perfect killing device The Maze if you have any points into trap mastery (talent) you will unlock poison gas trap on picking up #17
18-22 Expedition journal entry (Daikara) Daikara if you have points into trap mastery (talent) you will unlock the trap respective to the map layout upon picking up 23 or 24.
23 dragonfire trap Daikara if you have points into trap mastery (talent) you will unlock Dragonsfire Trap
24 freezing trap Daikara if you have points into trap mastery (talent) you will unlock Freezing Trap
25-29 journal entry (old forest) Old Forest
30 magical barrier Lake of Nur
31-34 song of the sands Sandworm Lair
35-38 letter (rhaloren camp) Rhaloren Camp
39 carefully preserved letter (rhaloren camp) Rhaloren Camp
40-42 conch Slazish Fens
43-48 clue (ruined dungeon) Ruined Dungeon
49 infinite dungeon (ruined dungeon) Ruined Dungeon
50-54 infinite dungeon history Infinite Dungeon