Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy

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Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy is the main campaign of Tales of Maj'Eyal. It is included in the base game, and it does not need to be unlocked.

In-Game Description

The people of Maj'Eyal: Humans, Halflings, Elves and Dwarves.
The known world has been at relative peace for over one hundred years, and people are prospering again.
You are an adventurer, setting out to find lost treasure and glory.
But what lurks in the shadows of the world?

Playable Characters

All races are playable in this campaign, except races introduced in the Embers of Rage DLC (Orc, Kruk Yeti, and Whitehoof). All classes are playable in this campaign.


This campaign features a world map set on the planet Eyal, of which 2 continents are accessible: Maj'Eyal and Var'Eyal. There are several towns to visit and shop at, and many dungeons to explore. Most dungeons have procedurally-generated layouts. There are many quests that can completed, including escorts, which can reward the player with extra talents or talent categories.

This is currently the largest campaign, and it is the longest campaign apart from Infinite Dungeon: The Neverending Descent, which has no ending.

The Ashes of Urh'Rok and Forbidden Cults DLCs add some content to this campaign specifically, apart from the content that is applicable to any campaign.

Story Overview

Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

This is a general overview of the story from the perspective of an average player character. Some characters may start or end the story in different ways.

The player character starts out exploring various dungeons and dangerous places, in search of treasure and glory.

Eventually they hear rumors about a tower called the Dreadfell, said to contain greater undead, and that nobody who reached it ever returned. The player character sets out in search of the truth, and the Dreadfell's treasures. The player character explores the Dreadfell and finds The Master, a powerful vampire. They manage to destroy him, and acquire the Staff of Absorption that he had in his possession.

On the way out of the Dreadfell, they are ambushed by Ukruk the Fierce and his team, a group of orcs who had been hiding and waiting for someone to take the staff out of the Dreadfell. They are the first orcs seen in the west for nearly 80 years. Either the player character is defeated and left for dead, and the staff taken, or they manage to defeat the orcs. Either way, they talk to the elder of Last Hope, who points them towards the old dwarven kingdom of Reknor, which is rumored to have an orc presence deep within. If they still have the staff, they give it to the elder for safekeeping.

The player character heads to Reknor to investigate, and finds that Reknor has indeed been taken over by orcs. They find Golbug the Destroyer on the bottom floor, guarding a farportal. Golbug mentions the master the Orc Pride is working for. The player character defeats Golbug. They receive a message from the elder of Last Hope; if they gave the Staff of Absorption to the elder, the elder will inform them that orcs intercepted the guards before they could transport the staff to a secret vault, and took the staff. Either way, the orcs have the staff now.

The player character travels through the farportal in pursuit of the Staff. They find themselves in the Far East (Var'Eyal), a land largely inhabited by orcs. They discover the Sunwall, the last bastion of humans and elves in the East, based in the town Gates of Morning, and led by High Sun Paladin Aeryn. She tells them about the four bastions of the Orc Pride, and how the orcs' new master has the High Peak as the heart of their power, but it is protected by a shield and unreachable.

The player character destroys all four bastions of the Orc Pride in their search for a way into the High Peak. They find the Slime Tunnels that lead to the High Peak under Grushnak Pride, and each of the 4 leaders of the Prides drops one of the Orbs of Command needed to remove the shield protecting the High Peak. Along the way, they discover that the orcs' "master" were actually the two Sorcerers (Elandar, a Shalore, and Argoniel, a human), in magical disguise. They possibly stop the Sorcerers' plan to absorb power from the volcano at the heart of the Charred Scar.

The player character climbs up the inside of the High Peak. In the sanctum at the top, they confront Elandar and Argoniel, who explain that their goal in taking the Staff was to absorb enough power from the world that they could open a farportal to the Void between worlds, to let a God, Gerlyk, the Creator, return to Eyal. The player character and Aeryn fight the final battle against the Sorcerers, and win, recovering the Awakened Staff of Absorption. In the aftermath, if the player failed to stop the Sorcerers' plan at the Charred Scar, then the Void farportal will already be open, and either Aeryn or the player character must sacrifice themselves to close it. If the player character survives, they continue their adventures across the world.