Melinda, lucky girl

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Speak with Melinda in Last Hope twice after you rescue her. If you say the right things - this isn't too hard to figure out - you will develop a romantic relationship with her (regardless of your gender).

If you do, she and you will go on a date at the Southern Beach, but your date will be interrupted by the arrival of Yaech raiders, who attack Melinda. You will be overwhelmed by the number of raiders, but Melinda will emit a powerful wave of Blight as she is about to die, killing all the raiders and allowing you to escape. (See the zone page for more details.)

You and Melinda will conclude that the blight attack was due to the taint of the demon she was going to be sacrificed to revive still being within her. If you have unlocked the Sher'Tul Fortress, you can ask her to come live with you there, where she can receive treatment for the demonic taint. She will stay there and give you a kiss every time you talk to her. This will also add some flavor text about you and Melinda when you win the game.