Mighty Girdle

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Mighty Girdle
Belt mighty girdle.png Un-ID'ed name massive, stained girdle
Type belt
Power source Master
Requirement none
Rarity Level range Cost Tier
170 5-14 150 1
Combat statistics
Base Power Uses Stat Damage Type APR Critical Armor Defense Fatigue
- - - - - +4 - -10%
Damage On Hit Changes Damage Damage Conversion Damage When Wearer Hit
- - - -
Movement Speed Maximum Encumbrance Maximum Life Healing Mod
- +70 +40 -
Changes Resistances Changes Resistances Penetration
- -
Changes Immunities Knockback +40%
Changes Stats -
Abilities Bonus when wielded as a set with Snow Giant Wraps:
  • +60 maximum life
  • Size category +2
  • Fatigue -10%
Description This girdle is enchanted with mighty wards against expanding girth. Whatever the source of its wondrous strength, it will prove of great aid in the transport of awkward burdens.