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Mindstars are one-handed weapons with many unusual properties. Any character can wield a mindstar (or two), but making the most of them requires knowledge of the Mindstar Mastery talents.

Unlike daggers, mindstars wielded in the "off" hand do not incur a damage penalty. However, at first the damage done by a mindstar as a weapon will be quite low. A tier 1 (mossy) mindstar has only 30% Willpower + 10% Cunning damage multipliers. Unlike other weapons, these multipliers increase on higher tier mindstars. Tier 2 (vined) mindstars have 35% Willpower + 15% Cunning, and so on up to tier 5, with 50% Willpower + 30% Cunning.

The Psiblades talent (from Mindstar Mastery) will multipy the mindstar's base damage multipliers by a factor of 1.3 to 1.8 or so (depending on talent level). Only Summoners begin with knowledge of this tree, but other classes may get it by betraying an Alchemist escortee to Zigur. With 5 points in Psiblades at 0.8 mastery, a tier 5 mindstar will have damage multipliers of 85% Willpower + 51% Cunning. (Compare to 100% Strength for most one-handed weapons, and remember that mindstars can be dual-wielded with no penalty.)

Mindstars can also be combined into item sets, based on their egos:

  • Harmonious
Can be used to form a set with Caller's, Summoner's or Wyrm's
Will harmonize with the other mindstar, sharing its set bonus (but at its own tier).
  • Resonating
Can be used to form a set with Dreamer's, Epiphanous, Hateful, or Wrathful
Will resonate with the other mindstar, sharing its set bonus (but at its own tier).
  • Wyrm's
Can be used to form a set with Flames, Sand, Storm, or Frost
Set bonus: +tier*10% blindness and stun/freeze immunity
  • Flames
Not initially part of a set
Set bonus: +tier% global speed
  • Frost
Not initially part of a set
Set bonus: +tier*3 armor
  • Sand
Not initially part of a set
Set bonus: +tier*2% to all saves (needs confirmation)
  • Storm
Not initially part of a set
Set bonus: +tier to all stats
  • Caller's
Set with Summoner's
Set bonus: +tier health regeneration to nature summons (needs confirmation)
  • Summoner's
Set with Caller's
Set bonus: +1 simultaneous nature summon
  • Dreamer's
Set with Epiphanous
Set bonus: +tier*10% psi regeneration
  • Epiphanous
Set with Dreamer's
Set bonus: +tier psi on critical (needs confirmation)
  • Mitotic
Use it to split one Mitotic mindstar into a matched set.
Set bonus (A): tier*10 acid blind burst on critical
Set bonus (B): tier*10 slime burst on critical
  • Hateful
Set with Wrathful
Set bonus: +tier*2 mindpower
  • Wrathful
Set with Hateful
Set bonus: +tier*2 max Hate to Wrathful

Note that the resonating, harmonious, and wyrm's mindstars are a little odd in that they don't form a set automatically. Wield the set-forming mindstar in one hand, a mindstar it can form a set with in the other, and use the set-forming mindstar. The two mindstars will become a matching set. They can be reactivated later to form a different set. (In some cases, like a Wyrm's paired by Harmonious and then paired to Flames, both sets will remain valid.)

Example set: http://i.imgur.com/qr3MV.png (Note that while the curses and set-forming ability have disappeared from this view, they are still present on the items.)

If you're not interested in dual-wielding mindstars, the set-forming ability of mindstars can be safely ignored.