Mutated hand (talent)

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{{Ability box |image=Dream hammer.png |name=Dream Smith's Hammer |category_type=Demented |category=Tentacles |require=Template:TalentReq/DeMagReq1 |use_mode=Passive |desc= Your left hand mutates into a disgusting mass of tentacles. When you have your offhand empty you automatically hit your target and those on the side whenever you hit with a basic attack. Also increases Physical Power by 10–50gtl, and increases weapon damage by sqrt(1–5gtl/5)/2% for your tentacles attacks. Each time you make an attack with your tentacle you gain 10 insanity. You generate a low power psionic field around you when around civilized people that prevents them from seeing you for the horror you are.

Your tentacle hand currently has these stats:

  • Damage Type: Darkenss
  • Uses Stats: 100% Mag
  • Damage Min: 10–{{{2}}}cTS