Necromancers' Ruins

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Necromancer Ruins
Guardian Grand Necromancer
Floors 2
Level Range 18 to 30
Item Level Range 4 to 4
Size 30x30
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Four Krogs awaiting rescue on the 2nd floor of the Necromancer Ruins

This is the mission zone for the antimagic quest Cleaning the trash.

The first floor has a dungeon layout and is populated by various undead enemies.

On the second floor, four captive Krogs must be rescued from the necromancers that are about to sacrifice them. The Krogs are trapped in Time Prisons with a 40-turn duration, and a timer will appear on screen to remind the player of this.

The captive Krogs will not take any damage while under the effect of Time Prison, so the player is free to battle in their vicinity without risk of friendly fire. Nonetheless, it is best to advance into the room carefully, as there is no cover inside the room to block spells or line of sight, and the player may be attacked by multiple necromancers at once.

The Krog race will be unlocked if the player can save all four captive Krogs before the countdown ends, provided that the Ogre race has already been unlocked beforehand.