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Warning: this page contains spoilers.
This page may contain information that you might not want revealed. Read at your own risk.

This guide will list monster type by immunities. UNDER CONSTRUCTION


bone-giants, constructs, crystals, faeros, ghouls, ghosts, greater multihued wyrms, gwelgoroths, horror/corrupted, horror/undead, jellies, liches, losgoroth, luminous horrors, mummies, oozes, patchwork trolls, radiant horrors, sandworms, skeletons, shades, shivgoroths, snakes, undead-rats, vampires, vermin, wights, worms that walk


bone giants, ghosts, gwelgoroths, major demons, losgoroths, shades, undead-rats, void horrors, snow giants, vampires, xorns

Disease (TODO)

Fear (TODO)

Knockback (TODO)

Pin (TODO)

Poison (TODO)

Silence (TODO)

void horror

Stun/Daze (TODO)

void horror


bone-giants, constructs, crystals, major demons, minor demons, faeros, ghosts, gwelgoroths, horror/aquatic, horror/corrupted, horror/eldritch, horror/temporal, jellies, losgoroths, molds, shades, undead-rats, shivgoroths, shertul, sandworm tunnelers, snow giants, xorns