Occult Egress

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ToME Version: 1.7.6
Occult Egress
Boss None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 1
Item Level Range 2 to 2
(after back from Far East) 5 to 5
Size 30x30
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

The Occult Egress is a randomly placed zone. It appears in both Maj'Eyal: The Age of Ascendancy (in Maj'Eyal) and Orcs: Embers of Rage (in Var'Eyal), and there is code that would let it appear in a campaign set in Tar'Eyal.

There are four tiles that will display different glyphs when the player bumps into them (cycling through them in a set order), allowing the player to enter a glyph sequence (also known as egress codes) for some effect. The "Occult Egress" itself is the central large strange device, which will activate when the player successfully enters a glyph sequence, and deactivate when they enter something that is not a correct glyph sequence.

Some glyph sequences will turn the Occult Egress into a portal that can be entered to visit another zone. If another sequence is entered, the Occult Egress will no longer be a portal to that zone, but the player can re-enter the first sequence to reactivate the portal if they want to revisit that zone. Needs verification (Like changing the channel on a TV.)

Some glyph sequences are given to the player in lore notes. Other glyph sequences are shown as glyphs on the ground in some location. Sequences found on the ground can be scattered around, but they are to be read from left to right. If two or more glyphs spawn in the same column, the order they should be read in is random, so the player will need to try each permutation until they find the correct sequence. Needs verification

Glyph sequences are randomly generated each game. In general, glyph sequences are not generated until they are shown to the player, so the player cannot guess them in advance.

The player can earn the achievement Sequence Master by using 5 different glyph sequences in a single game.

List of Glyph Sequences

  • The first glyph sequence is given to the player as a lore item found in this zone. Entering this sequence will create a portal that leads to a randomly generated zone, similar to that of the Farportal in the Sher'Tul Fortress. The sequence can be used more than once. The portal will go to a different random zone each time it is entered.
  • Entering a sequence that can sometimes be found in world map ambush events (running into a hostile patrol) will permanently slow down patrols (halving their movement speed), making them easier to avoid in the future. It can only be used once.
    • The chance of the sequence spawning on the ground starts at 10%, and increases by 7% each time the sequence does not spawn.
    • Ambush codes can spawn more than once with different sequences, but their effects will not stack.
  • There are 3 glyph sequences that each spawn a random unique item (fixed artifact). Unlike other glyph sequences, these are generated at the start of the game, but the player is never told what they are, so they can only be found if the player luckily guesses them, or brute-forces them. (Or if they look in their save file to find them.) They can each only be used once.
  • Kroshkkur, the Hidden Sanctuary has a glyph sequence on the ground. Entering this sequence will create a portal that leads to the Dremshor Tunnels. It can be used more than once.
  • If the player sides with the Assassin Lord in the Trapped! quest, then they will receive a message when they enter Last Hope after returning from the Far East. Entering this sequence will make a Font of Sacrifice appear. The Font of Sacrifice lets you pay gold to reroll egos on your items.
  • A glyph sequence will appear on the floor of the High Peak, somewhere between level 3 and level 8. Entering this sequence will create a portal that leads to the Entropic Void, where the player can fight the Hypostasis of Entropy. It can be used more than once.
    • This sequence is also intended to appear in The Slumbering Caves, somewhere between level 2 and level 4, but as of version 1.7.6, it does not appear because of a typo.
  • If the Embers of Rage DLC is enabled, and the player knows either Tinker-crafting talent tree (Physics or Chemistry), a glyph sequence will appear on level 1 of Vor Armoury. Entering this sequence will give the player 2 brains in jars (ingredients for Tinkers). It can only be used once.
    • This lets the player obtain brains in jars in the Age of Ascendancy campaign, when they would otherwise be exclusive to the Embers of Rage campaign.

Font of Sacrifice

After siding with the Assassin Lord during the Trapped! quest, he will send the player a message once they return from the east and enter Last Hope. This message contains a glyph sequence that will unlock the Font of Sacrifice.

The player can interact with the Font of Sacrifice to reroll some egos on random artifacts or rare items. The ego chosen for rerolling appears to be random: three for random artifacts, and one for rare items.

The rerollable egos on an item are also displayed in the inventory window if they are currently equipped. This allows players to quickly check if an item has good reroll potential without having to visit the Font of Sacrifice.

The reroll cost is 500 gold for a lesser ego, 1000 gold for a greater ego, per each time that ego type (lesser vs greater) has been rerolled on the same object. Each reroll will present the player with a random selection of 5 egos for the player to select from. Egos that are already on the item will not appear in this list, so it is not possible to stack multiple copies of the same ego by rerolling. The ego that has been selected for replacement can still appear as a reroll option however.

Any item that has been modified by the Font of Sacrifice cannot be placed in the items vault.

Due to how useful it is to reroll egos, players who have access to the Forbidden Cults are generally advised to side with the Assassin Lord whenever possible.