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|name=Old Conclave Vault
|name=Old Conclave Vault
|guardian=[[Astelrid The Healer]]
|guardian=[[Healer Astelrid]]

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Old Conclave Vault
Boss Healer Astelrid
Floors 4
Level Range 20 to 30
Item Level Range to
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Part of the quest to unlock Ogres.

A few steps after entering you will be forced into dialogue with Ogres, and the only answer is fighting. After this you get four more levels of dungeon, but the thing here is that you'll see a bunch of impassible tiles which look like glass jars. Those will spawn various Ogre-themed monsters after you are in proximity to them for long enough. It's best to wait for them to spawn before moving on, or you'll get surrounded. There are also a fair number o traps on the floors.

The last level has Healer Astelrid, some sort of Ogre mage-priest who can hit pretty hard; but if you got this far and cleared all the other floors, you'll clear her out too. She drops a unique greatmaul which is pretty good for Ogres, less so for everyone else.