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Metaclass Wilder
Locked Yes
Starting Life 90
Life Rating -3
Stat Modifiers
Strength 0
Dexterity 0
Constitution 0
Magic 0
Willpower +5
Cunning +4


Oozemancers separate themselves from normal civilisation so that they be more in harmony with Nature. Arcane force are reviled by them, and their natural attunement to the wilds lets them do battle with abusive magic-users on an equal footing. They can spawn oozes to protect and attack from a distance while also being adept at harnessing the power of mindstars and psiblades. Their most important stats are: Willpower and Cunning


Classes with a non-white background need to be unlocked or may have other requirements
Warrior Rogue Mage Afflicted Defiler Celestial Wilder Chronomancer Psionic Adventurer Tinker Demented
Bulwark Rogue Alchemist Cursed Reaver Anorithil Summoner Paradox Mage Mindslayer Adventurer Sawbutcher Writhing One
Berserker Shadowblade Archmage Doomed Corruptor Sun Paladin Wyrmic Temporal Warden Solipsist Wanderer Gunslinger Cultist of Entropy
Archer Marauder Necromancer Doombringer Stone Warden Possessor Psyshot
Arcane Blade Skirmisher Demonologist Oozemancer Annihilator