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Boss Mad Archdruid
Floors 2
Level Range 12 to 35
Item Level Range 1 to 5
Size 40x60
Zone Effect none

The Pikataclysm is a yearly special server event zone. Around Easter, every 10 minutes, the server will spawn the zone for users who are currently online (with a notification). It is a forest full of bunnies. It has 2 levels. The first level is rectangular, whereas the second level has surrounding trees that restrict movement to a rounded area, with an area of burnt ground in the middle.

The zone is inhabited by non-hostile cute little bunnies and hostile zombie bunnies and mad druids, as well as the unique Mad Archdruid. The mad druids can use their BUNNYPOCALYPSE talent to turn cute little bunnies into hostile random uniques and bosses.

The zone contains strange eggs scattered around, which can be opened by stepping on them. Every grass tile has a 2% chance to have an egg. The eggs can contain the following things:

  • Nothing (41/81 chance)
  • An item (same quality as items found in stores, 10/81 chance)
  • A unique item (2/81 chance)
  • A cute bunny (18/81 chance)
  • A mad druid (10/81 chance)

There are natural forest-type traps in this zone, such as sliding rock traps and poison vine traps.

The guardian is the Mad Archdruid. They spawn on the burnt ground on the second level, near an evil horned egg. Killing them will grant the player the Got eggs? achievement.

The zone has no exit originally. Stepping on the evil horned egg grants you the talent Bunny Hop at talent level 1.0, and spawns the exit portal. Bunny Hop lets you hop to a random spot up to 7 tiles away, and heals you based on your character level. Note that the zone can only be entered once - the entrance portal will remain on the map, but be inactive.