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Point Zero
Guardian None
Floors 1
Level Range 1 to 15
Item Level Range 1 to 2
Size 50x50
Zone Effect none

Zone Information

Point Zero is the headquarters of the Keepers of Reality, a faction of Chronomancers. Point Zero resides at the nexus at the beginning of all the threads of time. (Time travel was made possible by the Spellblaze; it is not possible to travel back any further than that.)

Chronomancers of certain races will begin here, but will be sent almost immediately on their first quest, in the Unhallowed Morass. After the player returns from there, the town will be attacked.

Point Zero contains a (one-way) portal to Maj'Eyal. Chronomancer characters who begin in Point Zero will also receive Timeport: Point Zero, a talent which allows them to return to Point Zero.


Point Zero contains the following stores:

  • Tailor (Cloth Armor, Cloaks, and Belts)
  • Tanner (Light Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Belts)
  • Knives and Daggers (Daggers)
  • Death from Afar (Longbows, Slings, and Ammo)
  • Swordsmith (Greatswords and Longswords)
  • Staff carver (Staves)
  • Runemaster (Runes)
  • Jewelry (Gems)

These stores are stocked and restocked as follows:

When Level Material range
Character birth 10 1-1
At level 10 20 1-2
At level 20 35 2-3
At level 30 45 3-4
At level 40 50 4-5
At level 50 60 4-5

Zone Specific Artifacts