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Steam Powered Armor
Un-ID'ed name -
Type armor / massive
Power source Steam
Requirement Strength 60, Talent: Armor Training (3)
Rarity Level range Cost Tier
320 18-30 400 3
Combat statistics
Base Power Uses Stat Damage Type APR Critical Armor Defense Fatigue
- - - - - +25 +23 +12%
Damage On Hit Changes Damage Damage Conversion Damage When Wearer Hit
- - - -
Movement Speed Maximum Encumbrance Maximum Life Healing Mod
- - - -
Changes Resistances Changes Resistances Penetration
- -
Changes Immunities +50% stun/freeze
Changes Stats +9 Str, +6 Dex
Abilities Phys. Save: +55
  • +10 max steam

Forms a set with Power Armor, Steam Powered Boots, and Steam Powered Helm: "Your steam-powered boots, helm and gauntlets automatically connect to your steam-powered armour, enabling new functions."

  • +22 phys. power
  • +22 steam power
  • +5 max steam
  • grants talent Steam Powered Armor granting large amounts of phys. power and flat damage reduction depending on your steampower
Description Using small steam engines and the miracles of the latest automation discoveries you are able to create Steam Powered Armour. A full plate armour that helps your movement and has intrinsic protection mechanisms