Protector Myssil

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Protector Myssil
Humanoid halfling protector myssil.png
Game Version: 1.7.3
Location Level range
Zigur 30+
A Halfling Ziguranth, clad in dark steel plates. She is the current leader of Zigur.
Base Statistics
Strength Dexterity Constitution Magic Willpower Cunning
20 15 16 1 19 10
Stat Progress
str++ dex+
Heavy Armour Training (6)
Combat Accuracy (2)
Weapons Mastery (2)
Resolve (5)
Aura of Silence (4)
Antimagic Shield (5)
Mana Clash (4)
Ice Claw (5)
Lightning Speed (5)
Ice Breath (5)
Icy Skin (5)
War Hound (5)
Minotaur (5)
Spider (5)

Luck of the Little Folk (0-5)
Duck and Dodge (0-5)
Indomitable (0-5)

Draconic Will (6)
Spell Feedback (6)
Unbreakable Will (6)
Tricky Defenses (6)

5 random infusions
  • Life: 2765 +
  • +40 stamina regen
  • Does not need to breathe
  • +5 armour, +10 defense
  • Wields a greatsword and wears massive armour

Protector Myssil is the current leader of the Ziguranth. If you are able to enter Zigur (you don't know any spells, and you aren't undead), then she will be non-hostile.

During the Storming the city quest, she will show you the way to Tempest Peak so that you can defeat Urkis after saving Derth, if you have chosen a life of Antimagic (which prevents you from getting to Tempest Peak via Angolwen). Killing Urkis and returning to her lets you learn the Fungus talent tree. If you have no prior knowledge, you'll get the tree, locked, at 1.00 mastery; if you already have the locked tree, she will unlock it; or if you have already unlocked the tree, she will increase your mastery of it by 0.1. Additionally, she will enhance your Mana Clash talent to remove 4 magical sustains on the target. If you haven't forsworn magic, she will not speak with you at all.

The fall of Zigur is an optional quest that magic-using characters can do, in which you join forces with the Grand Corruptor and attack Zigur together with him and his Rhaloren army. Protector Myssil is the boss of this quest, and the quest is completed if she dies, but failed if the Grand Corruptor dies first.



  • 1 random unique item
  • 4 random high-quality items