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ToME Version: 1.7.4

Every actor in the game (you and the NPCs, or monsters) has a rank, which is a numeric score. The ranks are as follows:

Rank Description Bonus Life per level Bonus Stats per level
1 critter -20% -1
2 normal -10% -0.5
3 elite +10% 0
3.2 rare +15% 0.5
3.5 unique +100% 1
4 boss +200% 1
5 elite boss +300% 1
10 (and higher, except 11) god +600% 2.5
11 godslayer +600% 2.5

The player is Elite rank. Prior to 1.3 the player was Normal rank on Insane or Madness difficulties.

Some of the effects of rank are:

  • Static Field does 1/3 damage to rank 5 actors, 1/2 damage to rank 3.5 actors, and 2/3 damage to rank 3 actors.
  • Inner Demons divides the maximum Life of its shadow simulacrum by the target monster's rank.
  • Temporal Clone cannot be used on targets of rank 3.5 or higher.
  • Shatter instantly kills rank 1, has a 50% higher critical chance against rank 2, and has 25% higher critical chance against rank 3 or higher.
  • Gloom grants you a 10 point Hate bonus when a rank 3.5 or higher monster enters your gloom, or a 20 point Hate bonus for rank 4 or higher.
    • You also gain 2 times the Hate when slaying an actor of rank 3 or higher ("an elite foe"), or 4 times the Hate when slaying someone of rank 4 or higher ("a great adversary").
  • Dominant Will cannot be used on targets higher than rank 3.
  • Shadow Simulacrum cannot be used on targets of rank 3.5 or higher.
  • The Huge Appetite, Headbanger, Emancipation and Take you with me achievements only count monsters of rank 3.5 or higher.
  • The Suffocating Curse only works on actors of rank 2 or less.
  • Eksatin's Ultimatum can only decapitate actors whose rank is less than 3.5.
  • The Rod of Recall can only be dropped by actors of rank 4 or higher.
  • Killing any actor of rank 3.5 or higher suppresses the tutorial(?).
  • Actors of rank higher than 3 who can pass through walls use a smarter pathing algorithm, and appear(?) always to know where the player is.
  • Rank partially determines who can shove whom aside (but size matters more).
  • Higher rank creatures grant souls more frequently when afflicted by the necromancer talent Soul Leech.
  • The Lich racial talent Neverending Unlife requires killing a creature of rank at least 3.5 in order to complete a resurrection.
  • Finally, Drain has its very own table of Vim gain multipliers:
Rank Drain's Vim Gain Multiplier
1 0.7
2 1
3 1.2
3.2 1.2
3.5 2.2
4 2.6
5 2.8
10 or higher 6

Objects in ToME also have a "rank":

0 Normal (no ego)
1 1 or 2 lesser egos (no greater ego)
2 1 greater ego (0 or 1 lesser egos), or a rare item (a weak random artifact with only 1 ego) with a lesser ego
2.5 2 greater egos, or a rare item with a greater ego
3 Fixed Artifact, or random artifact
5 Legendary (currently unused)
10 Godslayer (currently only the Awakened Staff of Absorption)

Object rank is used by the Skullcracker talent, and to determine which items are automatically identified (in game versions where that's relevant).

Object rank appears to have nothing to do with actor rank.